Art Galleries to Visit in Lisbon during this Summer

Art Galleries to Visit in Lisbon during this Summer

If you’re one of the many that chose Lisbon as your destination this summer, why not stop by one of the many art galleries on offering in the City of the Seven Hills? Take this chance and dive into the many faces of the best art Portugal has to offer, contemporary or not.

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I – Underdogs Gallery

This particular gallery focuses on the disenfranchised street artists. While not so much right now, there was a time when street artists, such as graffiti artists, were kicked to the curb and labeled as criminals or outlaws. This gallery sought to bring together in harmony all forms of outdoor art, which still to this day are scorned by many a people. Check them out if you’re in the neighborhood!

II – Galeria 111

Founded in the 60s by Manuel de Brito, who went on to become one of the biggest art collectors in Portugal (as well as one of the most famous gallery owners too), Galeria 111 has a long and lasting legacy and was THE place for artists gatherings. Renowned artists such as Vieira da Silva, Paula Rego, and Eduardo Batarda are some of the most famous that used to meet in the gallery.

III – Modern Art Center José de Azeredo Perdição

Part of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, this particular museum opened its doors in 1983, with the goal of publicising and exploring the various and distinct artistic movements which erupted in Portugal during the 20th century. With a rich collection of Portuguese art, you can find works by national artists like Paula Rego (yeah, she’s everywhere) and Almada Negreiros, to just name a few.

IV – Arte AFK

An art gallery which fosters both well-known as well as unknown artists, international or national. It mainly focuses on photography and paintings, and also offers photography workshops amongst others. While they’re taught in Portuguese, the workshops are worth the effort, even if you can only understand a word or two of the Latin language.

V – A Pequena Galeria (The Small Gallery)

Inspired by the efforts of Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen, who opened the smallest gallery you could open in New York City. The gallery displayed only photographs. By today’s standards, one might think the gallery’s only merit would be quality of the photographs or the novel idea of the space itself being small. However, this was done in 1905, photography was naught but a baby in those days. A Pequena Galeria follows suit, with the tiniest space available you could think of, and just a collection of photographs. You can buy them too if you find one that suits your soul. Give it a try, it’s bound to enchant you!

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