Design Museum-Contemporary sculpture art by Erwin Wurm

Design Museum: Contemporary sculpture art by Erwin Wurm

Design museum presents to you contemporary sculpture art by Erwin Wurm, one of the best contemporary artists that you need to see in your life as inspiring he are.

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Fat Convertible (2004) is a striking object, not only for the polished craftsmanship of its fabrication, a baroque tour de force of industrial arts, but more for the ease with which it presents itself. In every sculpture the result is less a contemplation of formal meanings or even the satirical political overtones of gluttonous consumerism or overwrought financial markets, but most immediately, in quasi-sensational fashion, humor and delight.

Known for his uniquely humorous approach to formalism, Erwin Wurm is an Austrian artist with multi-disciplinary works that have appeared in exhibitions throughout the world. Among his enourmous number of interesting creations there are the Fat Convertible.

The cartoon-like convertible exhibits an active anthropomorphism in which the sculpted obesity suggests an activity: The fat holds an indexical relationship to eating, suggesting that consumption constructs a kind of interior for the object. If an object can eat and swell, the object has an inside.

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The abject interiority of his fat sculptures and their easy presentation—eluding contemplation—are characteristics that resonate with architectural practice. Throughout his œuvre, Wurm not only metaphorically takes on architecture but often also enlists it as direct fodder.