Sweden's First Virtual Design Museum is Now Open Sweden's First Virtual Design Museum is Now Open

Sweden’s First Virtual Design Museum is Now Open

The Swedish Virtual Design Museum’s opening has been announced last week, and its shows will revolve around the fields of design, architecture and fashion. “Live from Sweden”, the first exhibit, is now available.

This Swedish Design Museum is arguably like no other. It is a virtual museum, meaning there is no physical collection to be seen. The purpose of this format is sheer accessibility across all geographic borders in the sense that everyone can see it, wherever they are. “Live from Sweden“, the first exhibit, is now open to the public and is available here.

Sweden holds the various fields encompassed by design in a very high regard, from due to Swedish and Scandinavian design culture, to their progressive socio-political landscape and globally renowned approach to aesthetics. In Sweden, much like to most of the world’s best designers, design represents a tool to improve more than just the visual depiction of objects and products, but also the lives of people, so as to achieve actual problem-solving.

“Design is important to the international travelers and is something they are curious about in relation to Sweden. The aim of the Swedish Design Museum is to exhibit design objects that have a deeper purpose than merely good looks. The exhibition “Live from Sweden” lets visitors catch a glimpse of Swedish design objects where they are being used by ordinary Swedes as part of their everyday life. Objects that are made to be used, and used again – not put on a pedestal or locked behind glass,” said Jennie Skogsborn Missuna, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Visit Sweden.

Curators behind the development of “Live from Sweden” include Emma Jonsteg, Susanna Strömquist, Eero Koivisto, Daniel Golling, Gustaf Kjellin. It presents eight design objects – shown through live streaming and video – and aims to provide visitors with a glimpse of Swedish lifestyle and the kinds of design the Swedish surround themselves with

“The whole idea of design in the North is that it’s inclusive – not exclusive – which makes it important to show how it’s used. And that’s where the ordinary people come into the picture. That’s who we work for.” said curator Eero Koivisto.

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