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Basel’s 10 Best Contemporary Art Galleries


Home to one of the most important and prestigious international art fairs in the world, Basel itself is dotted with excellent, cutting-edge contemporary art galleries, many of which frequently participate in the fair. In our culture lover’s guide to this small Swiss city, we take a look at ten of the most prominent galleries and art spaces in Basel.


1. Kunsthalle |  Kunsthalle, Steinenberg 7, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 206 99 00
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Among the oldest and most revered cultural institutions in Basel, the Kunsthalle’s history began in 1872, when it was inaugurated as a place to showcase artistic activity and stimulate a creative exchange between artists and art professionals. The Kunsthalle has a collection of about 500 artworks, which, however, is not open to the public – at the heart of the museum’s programme are temporary exhibitions by national and international contemporary artists. The Kunsthalle also boasts a grand library of art books and monographs, totaling to a whopping 30,000 volumes, a precious addition to the adjoining showrooms. Despite their 19th century look, the Kunsthalle’s interiors have been carefully renovated, and fearlessly compete with Basel’s newer exhibition spaces.