See The Latest Art Exhibit By Steven and William Ladd In NYC

See The Latest Art Exhibit By Steven and William Ladd In NYC – Besides being present in the Salon Art + Design in New York, the Cristina Grajales Gallery is going to have a unique art exhibit in their own gallery! If you’re in town for some reason, then why don’t you stop by and admire this incredible exhibit?

Legacy Boca do Lobo

The latest exhibit in the Cristina Grajales Gallery was created by the renowned artists Steven and William Ladd! You can visit “Welcome to Santo Poco” until the 21 of December in the Big Apple!

In case you don’t know, this art gallery belongs to one of the most respected art experts. Cristina Grajales served as director of 1950 Gallery in New York City from 1990 through 2000, this was a place where Grajales also served as an advisor to a number of collectors of the twentieth century and contemporary design, assisting them in building important and valuable collections.

Cristina Grajales art gallery has the goal to support the work of emerging contemporary designers. All of the artists that this art gallery represents, like the Steven and William Ladd, work in a variety of areas within the larger field of design: furniture and lighting, as well as ceramic, metal, and textile design. The latest exhibition that you can admire until December is called “Welcome to Santo Poco”!

This art exhibit is an innovative way to welcome you to brothers new artistic world, where all of the designs were inspired by the beginning of their journey to build a studio in the woods of upstate New York!

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As emerging artistsSteven and William Ladd created many designs that are out of the ordinary, like the miniature anthill made of beads and wire, which transmits their experiences of encountering giant ant mounds on the land and their dreams. The contemporary artists work is handcrafted with recycled materials!

Using their life experiences as the main foundations for their inspiration, the brothers were able to establish themselves in a new world, where the beauty and uncertainty of nature are balanced with life and hard work in the city.

Visit Cristina Grajales Gallery to find out more about their many exhibitions!

Address: 152 West 25th Street, 3rd floor, New York

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