Under The Night Sky Exhibit Is At Friedman Benda Gallery

Under The Night Sky Exhibit Is At Friedman Benda Gallery – This art exhibit is something out of the ordinary… I mean every single artwork is something extraordinary, far from every single thing that we ever have seen before. Curious? Why don’t you keep scrolling and find out more?


“Under the Night Sky” is the name of the latest exhibit created by Albertz Benda and Friedman Benda! This unique exhibition is on the Friedman Brenda Gallery until December 15, so you can still attend to admire their exquisite artwork!

As the name implies, the renowned artists gather their inspiration on the beauty of the night sky.  This universal cover of darkness can symbolize life and death, fascination, fear, immorality, regeneration, and a blank canvas for their projected dreams and desires.

This art exhibit explores the numerous ways in which the frontier of the night sky influences the human mind, bringing together significant works by modern, post-war and contemporary artists and designers with a unique selection of seminal Central Asian rugs. 

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The unique artworks of this modern exhibition reveal the night sky on both conscious and unconscious levels, transmitting the interplay between literal homages to the night sky and works with looser interpretations of the theme that channels the emotive presence of night.

Besides having some unique sculptures, the real stand out of this modern exhibit is the collection of 19th century Baluch and related tribes’ Mina Khani rugs. Midnight blues, coral tones, cherry reds, and emerald greens are often incorporated on the white floral and geometric patterns, which symbolizes prosperity and fertility. These incredible hand-made textiles evoke the visual effect of luminescent stars of the dark night sky.

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Legacy Boca do Lobo

Source: Friedman Benda