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2022 Milan Furniture Fair Will Feature Rug’Society Best Products

2022 Milan furniture fair will feature Rug’Society best products in its 60th edition. After a challenging era marked by the global pandemic, the iSaloni exhibition returns to the furniture market. Rug’Society will be in Milan from June 7 to 12 and invites anybody interested in furniture, interior design, or design to stop by the booth.

2022 Milan Furniture Fair


The premium company will be present at the 2022 Milan Furniture Fair at Pavillon 3 STAND D18-D20 in partnership with HOME SOCIETY and BRABBU, and will display all visitors the whole range of carpets that resulted in their many collections. Rug’Society is a well-known Portuguese tapestry and contemporary rug brand with a strong affinity for eclectic design. It is a company that strives to evoke emotions in its customers, which is the starting point for each rug design. Rug’Society is proud of its ability to create and establish new trends.

Rug’Society at 2022 Milan Furniture Fair

2022 Milan Furniture Fair Will Feature Rug’Society Best Products

The 2022 Milan Furniture Fair will be a one-of-a-kind showcase for new Rug’Society goods. The INKAGE Rug and the DISRUPTION Rug from The New Urban Collection will be on display during the fair, and the brand is excited to introduce them.

urban styled rug 2022 Milan Furniture Fair Will Feature Rug’Society Best Products

The New Urban Collection, which is inspired by urban and city life and is also one of the best-selling collections. It is still the best option for a modern cosmopolitan lifestyle since it is inspired by urban and city life.

minimalist living room with brown chairs

The goal of these rugs, though, is to sound bold and cool, almost revolutionary. To represent softness, comfort, and quality, both are hand-tufted and fully constructed of botanical silk.

urban style rug in black and yellow

2022 Milan Furniture Fair Will Have the Most Luxurious Rugs

This event will also include brand best-sellers like the HERON Rug, COUPLE Rug, DÊCO Rug, and PLUM Rug, among others… Rug’Society carries a wide range of rugs in various styles, sizes, and designs. If you come to our booth, you will be amazed by the legendary rugs.

curved white sofa

Since Rug’Society is an amazing company that primarily tries to transform carpets into works of art by providing them exclusivity, as well as a distinctive and deluxe design, all of the collections have always been admired for their particular elegance and irreverence. The presence of pure wool and botanical silk handmade by expert crafters distinguishes this brand’s items, which are rich in colors, textures, and materials.


modern classic living room with black sofa

Rug’Society’s booth will be constructed to look like an art gallery in order to help professionals comprehend the brand’s philosophy, which is to turn carpets into true works of art. The BRABBU stand, on the other hand, will be made to seem like a house filled with Rug’Society items, allowing professionals to visualize how such products would fit into their projects.

modern classic living room with black sofa

The 2022 Milan Furniture Fair is open to anybody interested in decoration and interior design, but this stand has a particular fondness for opulent tapestries. Rug’Society will, for the first time, provide a design service area for all professionals and hobbyists in the industry.

2022 Milan Furniture Fair Will Feature Rug’Society Best Products

pink toned living room with wall arts

We live in an increasingly technology age, at the 2022 Milan furniture fair, the firm will broadcast multimedia information on eight huge 65-inch TVs to highlight Rug’Society products. A QR code will also be included, allowing experts to learn more about each product and how these high-end rugs are created.

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