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Living Room: Where To Find The Best Handmade Rugs

Handmade Rugs

Handmade rugs are synonyms of high-end quality, great durability, and incredible designsRug’Society creates bold and trendy rugs with more than 10 different collections to suit any interior and any style. These unique designs come alive through the hands of experient craftsmen that create these authentic rugs from scratch.


Handmade Rugs For A Dazzling Living Room

Create a dashing living room interior design with incredible handmade rugs that can meet all of your expectations. Rug’Society has a “designer service” that will customize any rug you want to meet your needs, or even create a totally new design if you wish, in order to help you to achieve the final look you so much desire of a stunning living room.

The Finest Living Room Handmade Rugs


Blue mid century sofa and lola rug

This is a beautiful living room with the gorgeous round Lola Rug with a geometric pattern and different colors. This rug was inspired by popular styles and geometric shapes. The design plays with the conjugation of straight lines and the round shape of the rug. This rug paired really well with the blue curved sofa and Agra round table.


green armchair


This is a living room corner with the fantastic Eye rug paired with the Bourbon armchair and Koi side table. This is a stunning interior with the Pantone very Peri color of the year.


blu armchair and back and white rug


Handmade rugs such as the Cauca Rug with a monochrome geometric design are easy to fit into any living room interior because they have a timeless style that fits any era.


white sofa with golden details


The Ocli rug decorates perfectly the floors of the modern contemporary living room. Paired with the center table and white sofa, the Ocli rug for its geometric pattern brings some depth to the room and some contrast. It is one of the most beautiful handmade rugs.

Black and white rug blue armchair living room


Neptuno is one of those handmade rugs that is unique for its color and design. This neutral-colored rug lets the armchair stand out and shine on its own while the Neptuno rug brings some peace and comfort to this room.

Classic rug

blue velvet sofa


This modern contemporary living room is lively for its colorful furnishing. The Oscar Rug stands out for its original design inspired by the artistic movement Cubism while contrasting with the blue bourbon sofa and brown armchair. This is a very colorful room that expresses joy and life.


beige sofa classic living room


The Miró Rug has a beautiful blue color that lights up a room and adds a refreshing feeling. The White armchairs pair nicely with this rug as well as the black and white center table. The warm color of the sofa creates a contrasting effect but together it is a nice mix.


green armchairs living room


Abstract handmade rugs such as the Agatha Rug are a great choice for a modern contemporary living room. Here the rug combined with the velvet armchairs and round center table creates a lovely ambient.


Cozy living room green armchair


The Prisma I Rug is one of those handmade rugs that have a unique style that is unmatched. The geometric pattern was inspired by the classic Bauhaus shapes to give a modern appearance. This rug is hand-tufted and made with the highest materials to guarantee the best quality.


modern classic living room


This modern classic living room is complete with the fabulous White Garden Rug that has a very versatile style. This room radiates luxury and prestige with it blue and gold tones. Handmade rugs such as this one only enhance the luxurious feeling in this room.


modern rug beige sofa


A gorgeous living room with the Coll Rug inspired by the illustrative forms of MARMEKKO, a textile illustrator. Minimalist handmade rugs such as this one are easy to fit into any interior because they match well with any type of furnishing. The Vey Peri color adds a modern twist to this room and makes it stand out for its beauty.


Handmade Rugs For Your Living Room


Velvet Blue Living Room Sofa

A modern contemporary living room with a gray area rug and the stunning very peri sofa. This Sofa’s beautiful color stands out not only for its color but sophisticated shape.


handcrafted golden mirror living room


A luxurious living room with a gray rug that sets the base of this space. The sleek black center table paired with the golden mirror and suspending lights bring a modern and classy feeling to this living space.


blue velvet armchairs living room


An elegant living room with a leather rug and vibrant armchairs that combined with the golden center table create a majestic ambient.


living room grey rug

A modern mid-century living room with a black area rug and round-shaped armchair and sofa. The wooden center table adds to this mid-century style. The black rug is the only piece of furniture that is not round.


black and gold center table and beige armchair


A classy living room with a round rug paired with a black and gold center table and beige armchair. The black fireplace adds elegance to this ambient and matches with the rug.


pink sofa white lving room comfy rug


A lovely living room with handmade rugs in a gray color that match the sofas. This is a sophisticated living room for its furniture and colors. A great space to spend time with family and friends.


comfortable living room


This is one of the most beautiful handmade rugs with its abstract rug in blue tones. This rug decorates nicely the floors of this ambient with the golden center table. The pillows on the couch match the rug and the light beige color of the sofa makes it stand out.


comfort living room


A cozy living room with a leather rug and gray sofa. the golden details of this room make it stand out and add an elegant feeling to the room. This handmade rug for its shape and texture brings an interesting twist to this interior.


white and yellow sofas living room


An amazing interior with a lovely round rug with a stellar pattern. The dark blue colors of the rug match with the walls of this living room and contrast with the white sofa and yellow armchair. This is a dashing living room with a very specific theme.


Contemporary and fun living room


An astonishing living room with lovely colors that give life to this interior. The area rug has an abstract pattern that gathers different colors that blend well together and match with the gorgeous velvet couch. This is a stunning ambient that is impressive.


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