The Contemporary Designs From The Garrido Gallery – Design Museum
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The Contemporary Designs From The Garrido Gallery

The Contemporary Designs From The Garrido Gallery –  A contrast between the old and the new, the vast collection from this two artists includes not only sculptures and artwork, but also some selection of bespoke mirrors, furniture, and lighting. Take a look!

Maison Valentina Glimmer Mirror


The Contemporary Designs From The Garrido Gallery
Juan and Paloma Garrido @ Garrido Gallery

 Juan and Paloma Garrido atelier is a surprising contrast between the antique and the thoroughly modern. The Garrido’s Gallery dedicated approach ends up on a high-quality product, full of innovation and modernity since they approach the geometry and angularity of Cubism in a unique way. A rational clarity radiates from the smooth, unadorned surfaces, forming a study in volume and line.

The Contemporary Designs From The Garrido Gallery (2)
Chaflan Console @ Garrido Gallery

All of their work is base on the history that their father left them, making their design projects something quite extraordinary with an avant-garde sensibility. Nowadays, this modern art gallery is one of the most innovative ateliers working in silver.

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Mineral Commode @ Garrido Gallery

They use dying techniques to form intensely modern designs that strike a harmonious balance between history and innovation, line and curve. Each project thoroughly appeals to the sense of balance, between the historical techniques and innovative designs that are out of the ordinary.

Low Quartz Table @ Garrido Gallery

The final result is always a piece that is an incredible artwork that can be the statement piece of any modern or luxury home, any exquisite art gallery or even in any modern museum. It is the timeless beauty of each piece that marks their success!

Garrido Gallery Showroom @ Barcelona

If you want to look closely at their exclusive pieces, then you can always go to their exquisite showroom in Barcelona, Spain!


Address: A&D Passatge Marimón 7, 08021 Barcelona (Spain)


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