Portuguese Craft Is The Focus Of This Incredible Handmade Cabinet

Portuguese Craft Is The Focus Of This Incredible Handmade Cabinet – This reinterpretation of the bespoke Pixel Cabinet by the luxury design brand was created with the best high-quality porcelain tiles by Vista Alegre. This exquisite furniture piece would be worthy of being in any design museum or art gallery, don’t you think?

Legacy Boca do Lobo

Once Upon A Time is a limited edition cabinet was created with 1088 hand-painted triangles with an ancient Portuguese technique! With only 8 copies in the world, this incredible handmade cabinet contemplates the dedication and art of those who work this meticulous technique.

Once Upon A Time was the name given to the amazing drink cabinet that resulted of the successful partnership between the luxury brands, Boca do Lobo and Vista AlegreThis new improved version of the famous Pixel cabinet of Boca do Lobo really highlights the natural beauty of the hand-painted porcelain tiles, an ancient craft that is an important part of the Portuguese culture!

In case you haven’t heard about these incredible luxury Portuguese brands, here is a brief introduction about each one. Boca do Lobo is a luxury design brand, from the renowned Covet Group, who has conquered global recognition through passionate and inspiring handmade pieces. Vista Alegre is focused on the natural beauty of crystals and porcelain gaining a worldwide recognition for its high-quality pieces made with the best materials.

These two Portuguese luxury brands have become notorious on a global scale, and for that reason Vista Alegre and Boca do Lobo continue betting on expansion strategies to grow and fulfill the design market expectations and the public hearts. Their latest unique and exclusive partnership celebrates the luxury design style as well as the Portuguese craftsmanship!


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As a result of a journey into the past, throughout the  beautiful art or handpainted porcelain tiles, this reinterpretation of the famous drink cabinet by Boca do Lobo, also known as Once Upon A Time, pays an homage to the union between design and craftsmanship and was named by ADChoice as one of the 500 best pieces of furniture in the world.

Just like the romantic fairytales, Once Upon A Time has a lyrical charisma with a unique identity, an explosion of polychrome, which dilutes in the depth of a cobalt blue of Vista Alegre’s unmistakable “blue of great fire”. If you want to see with your own eyes this incredible limited edition piece, visit the Vista Alegre store at the Norte shopping Mall, Porto!

Address: R. Sara Afonso 0450/0454, 4460-841 Sra. da Hora (Porto), PORTUGAL

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