Karl Lagerfeld’s Architectures at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris

Karl Lagerfeld‘s first-ever art collection of functional sculptural works, Architectures, is patent in Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris since October 19 and is available to the public until December 23, 2018.
Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld is globally renowned for his unique approach to style. He’s one of the most celebrated fashion designers of the 21st century, but he’s also famous for other works when it comes to illustration, photography, interior design, publishing, and now for sculpture. Evoking a contemporary architectural landscape with Greek origins, Lagerfeld decided to use golden details and marble for his pieces that include tables, consoles, fountains, and even lamps. They materialize the perfect balance of classical foundations with a contemporary vibe. Karl Lagerfeld's Architectures at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris

Karl Lagerfeld's Architectures at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris

Each piece was carved from two carefully selected marbles blocks, the Arabescato Fantastico and the black Nero Marquina, making every piece unique and exclusive. This is a limited edition of eight pieces in each marble color, plus four artist proofs since everything is precisely cut, sculpted, faceted and polished by Italian craftsmen. The lighting works diffuse a specific daylight and the shades of the table lamps are uniquely hand-painted in the most traditional technique of decorative arts.

Combining the antique and the contemporary, the black and white architectonic creations embody Lagerfeld’s timeless monochromatic style. Aline Asmar d’Amman was the chosen architect and interior designer to carry out the studies and the development of the works created by the fashion designer.
Photo and video courtesy by Carpenters Workshop Gallery



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