Galleries You Should Visit in Design Miami/ 2018 – Design Museum
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Galleries You Should Visit in Design Miami/ 2018

Galleries You Should Visit in Design Miami/ 2018

Galleries You Should Visit in Design Miami/ 2018Design Miami is almost around the corner. The event will be happening from December 5-9 near the Miami Beach Convention Center (in Miami Beach), alongside with Art Basel, that will take place between December 6-9. Design Miami/ will feature thirty-four exhibitions and eleven Curio presentations that are representing people from all around the world and that are focused on the discovery of historical and industrial materials or processes that were already considered lost by other people. If you’re attending this amazing event and you want to be even more excited about it, here are our top picks of galleries that you should visit in this famous event. 


Cristina Grajales Gallery – Created in 2001, this gallery has established itself in specializing in contemporary design but also on showing masterpieces of the twentieth century. It maintains a full program of exhibitions and participates in art and design fairs around the world. Cristina Grajales also offers advisory and design consultancy services to assist in building and maintaining important collections.

Galleries You Should Visit in Design Miami/ 2018

(Foam Series Sofa Set by Sang Hoon Kim, 2018 – Photo courtesy of Cristina Grajales Gallery)


Friedman Benda – Intersecting contemporary design, craft, architecture, visual and conceptual art, and cutting-edge technological research, this gallery founded in 2007 represents some designers and significant estates and it has an important role in the development of the contemporary design market and scholarship.

Galleries You Should Visit in Design Miami/ 2018

(Seduction Pair 01 by Najla El Zein, 2018 – Photo by Karen & Josette and courtesy of Friedman Benda and the Artist)


Moderne Gallery – This gallery is internationally recognized for its collection of twentieth-century decorative arts that focuses on the work from the American studio craft movement (1925-1990).

Galleries You Should Visit in Design Miami/ 2018

(Vessels by Estelle Halper, 1950/60 – Photo courtesy of Modern Gallery)


R&Company – This gallery internationally acclaimed represents a distinguished group of historical and contemporary designers whose work is among the most innovative and finely crafted of our time. It also focuses on preserving history through their extensive archives, library, and private collection.

Galleries You Should Visit in Design Miami/ 2018

(Estoril Dining Chairs by Joaquim Tenreiro CA, 1960 – Photo courtesy of Joe Kramm and R&M Company)


Todd Merrill Studio – Created in 2000, this studio has been renowned for its glamorous and eclectic mix of twentieth-century design. As one of the first gallerists to realize the significance of post-war American studio design, Merrill has dramatically increased its popularity.

Galleries You Should Visit in Design Miami/ 2018

(Eques by Dominick Leuci, 2018 – Photo courtesy of Todd Merrill Studio)


Gallery ALL – Found by Yu Wang and Xiao Lu, this gallery presents existing works and commissioning new ones. It is one of the first design galleries created in China, that also has a gallery in Los Angeles, it focuses on exhibiting objects of design, art, architecture, and furnishings.


(MY Collection by Michael Young, 2018 – Photo courtesy of Michael Young)


Carpenters Workshop Gallery – This gallery has several spaces located in Europe and the United States of America and exhibits functional sculpture by both established and international rising artists and designers who work outside traditional territories of expression.
(Floor Lamp Concrete Base 10 by Nacho Carbonell, 2016 – Photo courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery)


Maison Valentina Silk Vessel Sink


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