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Get To Know The Best Interiors With Home’Society Magazine

Home’Society Magazine was born from the desire of sharing exquisite designs and products with the community that has been following our path, as well as those who are in love with the design world. Home’Society has been a mark in the world of interior design and has been thriving to give a complete solution to everyone. It has succeeded in keeping up with the latest trends, and by offering the best products. The second issue will explore the future and the potential for reinvention and evolution in areas such as architecture, decoration, art, and culture. We share with you inspirations and tips, with attention to the newest trends of 2022.

Get To Know The Best Interiors With Home'Society Magazine

This Winter issue inspires you with the most beautiful cities, such as Zurich, and provides you with the latest trends in architecture, art, and culture. Get to know its key players and rising stars, and benefit also from the greatest tips and ideas to build the most wonderful home.

We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we loved creating it, Home’Society’s mission is and will always be to inspire you on every single page!

Download the full magazine and get inspired!

The Art Of Modern Interiors

The Mandarins Project was designed by Elif Arslan and it was meant to appeal to a couple who lives outside of Istambul. It is a small space, however, it is undoubtedly luxurious, elegant, and fresh – something that is present in any division. It is a marvelous modern-contemporary design with a warmth to it, which translates perfectly the brilliance of the designer.

Home'Society Magazine Nº2: The Winter Issue, interior design, magazine issue, magazine, design magazine, architecture, inspiration


It celebrates neutral tones such as grey, brown and blue, to make any space feel inviting and alluring. It shares peaceful vibes and makes anyone enter a state of relaxation.

This bedroom is perfect for those who want to come home to unwind. The neutral tones help us to mentally and physically relax, which allows anyone to have a good night’s sleep. Having a space that immediately uplifts our mood is the formula to having a good and healthy life.

Interior Design Masterclasses 2022 Trends And Colors

The year 2022 deserves a warm welcome since it means a new beginning. It is a new journey we are embarking on, one in which we are putting aside the last two years that were marked by stress and anxiety. And with a new life comes new energies and new interiors. Design is a way of making the much-needed change in our life, and this year it comes with timeless options that are focused on comfort and functionality.

Very Peri (PANTONE 17-3938) is the new Pantone color that represents the transformations related to the current global situation. This is a color to celebrate modern life and the manifestation of the digital world into the physical one. It can be applied in any division and work as a contrasting tone, which helps create memorable designs with unique lines!

Home'Society Magazine Nº2: The Winter Issue, interior design, magazine issue, magazine, design magazine, architecture, inspiration

‘Less is more’ has been a trend for quite a while. Clean lines and monochromatic tones make up the perfect simplistic design. It allows serenity to take place and creates a new concept of beauty. Home’Society Magazine has tips on how to achieve these outstanding looks and make them look effortless.

The Power Of Architecture

Architecture is also a strong source of inspiration and innovation. The Home’Society Magazine takes you on an exquisite journey through numerous architectural projects that are inspired by the forces and beauty that surrounds us.

These are places inspired by the culture in which they are inserted, and are meant to have spectacular views of the landscapes. From Canada to China we see this relationship between architecture and nature as a fundamental process in design.

Winter serves as a muse for these projects as they are molded to it. Countries such as Switzerland, with sublime mountains and valleys, are explored and it leaves one in complete awe. The appreciation of natural materials such as wood shares an environmentally friendly approach, and once again shows how appreciative of nature the architects are.

Respect for nature is something in common in all these projects, and they take advantage of its beauty and power. The buildings are perfectly incorporated and they seem to always represent nature at its finest.



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