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Design Inspiration: Neutral Tones Dining Room

Design Inspiration

Neutral tones dining room will be today’s topic. Dining Rooms play such an important role in our house division. This sacred place is where you gather all your friends and family and collect some of the best memories of endless dinners with the people you cherish the most. These rooms should also represent the rest of the house decoration, its colour and textures but in a more subtle and warm way – you want to be in a comfortable and pleasant ambience, proper to spent time and relaxing as well. One of the best ways to achieve this is by choosing a neutral tones dining room design. Neutral tones represent so much: they are one of the latest trends because these colours exude elegance and serenity, and they are simple to match with other colours. So, today let’s look into some neutral tones dining room design inspiration.


Neutral Tones Dining Room

Dining Room Design Inspiration

This dining room design is the epitome of how neutral colours can work so well in a dining room design. The blend of all shades of brown and beige of the BOURBON Dining Chair with the golden design of the astonishing NAICCA Chandelier is simply perfect.

Design Inspiration: Neutral Tones Dining Room

Neutral Tones Dining Room can also have such a close bond to nature. It is the case of this amazing black and brown dining room design that has the splendour of HORUS Irregular Light Big Suspension that perfectly blends with AGRA Oval Dining Table and KANSAS Dining Chairs. Altogether create this splendid dining room design that sure does invite everyone to a good afternoon.

As said before, the connection between neutral tones and nature can be very intimate. It is also an example of this dining room design that has the fierceness of Horus Suspension Light that match the colour of the NAZCA Sideboard. The PLATEAU I Dining Table completes the look with the unique design of DALYAN Dining Chairs.



They say less is more, and we can apply that maximum to this dining room design. A minimally decorated space that can assemble all the things we are looking for: elegance, sophistication and comfort. The NUKA Dining Chairs in brown velvet is the secret for such a well-decorated design that matches PLATEAU II Dining TableRUIN Rug by Rug’Society is just the cherry on top of the cake to create this perfect example of a neutral tones dining room design.

This dining room design is the ideal choice for those who want to have big and crowned dinners filled with people, conversation and laughter. The unique design of OKA Dining Chairs upholstered in velvet matches perfectly the design of Horus Glass Suspension Light and the PLATEAU II Dining Table.

White is the key colour to go in every situation: when we are talking about a neutral tone dining room inspiration, white blends everywhere. In this example, DALYAN Swivel Dining Chairs represents the colour with elegance and sophistication, matching with KOI Rectangular Dining Table and Horus Glass Suspension Light.

DALYAN Swivel Dining Chairs in a different perspective and colour. This dining room is for those who look for a more intimate and small room, with the right amount of elements. The colour of DALYAN Swivel Dining Chairs blends perfectly with the colours of METAMORPHOSIS Rug by Rug’Society and Horus Suspension Light.

A luxurious chandelier is the right element to achieve a modern neutral tone dining room design. NAICCA Chandelier matches the texture of the HUANG Sideboard and NAJ Dining Chairs. The minimal light of CYRUS Table Light adds glamour to the full design, which has the unique design of the AGRA Dining Table at its centre.


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More personal space at home could be the answer to spicing up both our dishes and our love lives. Round tables can provide the impression of a larger, more dynamic environment, and they make it easier for individuals to converse with one another. The grey DALYAN and GAIA dining chairs that surround the APIS II Dining Table create a stunning modern contemporary atmosphere.


Even in your dining area, the lovely colour combination is a terrific approach to create a totally distinctive experience. The NAJ Dining Chairs in black velvet surround the white marble dining table, AGRA, in this black and white dining room creates such a modern classic dining area.


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