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Carpet Ideas To Style Your Home

Style Your Home

Decorating a home is never as easy as it seems, especially when it comes to inspiration. In this article we have selected the best carpet ideas to style a living room, going from neutral colors to more vibrant and bold rug designs. Explore all of these different ideas and chose the best option for you. Rug Society is known for its originality when it comes to rug designs, and if you desire something more personalized, there is also a design service that customizes a rug to fit your desires and expectations.

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Carpet Ideas: Unique Rugs To Inspire You

The most essential room in a house is the living room. It is used by everyone, and it is also used to greet visitors and spend time with them over a cup of coffee. That is why, in order to express a charming air and offer an inviting sensation, a living room design must be carefully picked. If you are at a loss when it comes to renovating your living room interior here are a few carpet ideas to inspire you.


neutral rug collection: carpet ideas



Carpet Ideas To Renovate Your Home With Style


carpet ideas: Contemporary living room with abstract rug

A refreshing interior design thanks to the abstract AGATHA RUG that brings some fluidity to this interior. The hues of the rug match smoothly with the neutral-colored couch and side tables to create an elegant ambiance.



carpet ideas: modern living room with sleek area rug




Black and white are timeless colors and perfect when looking for carpet ideas. Achieve a magnificent and luxurious interior design thanks to the BLACK INK RUG paired with a beautiful gray sofa and marbled center table. The golden hues of the console and lighting create such a prestigious space.

carpet ideas: modern area rug with black and white hues



carpet ideas: a interior open space with a dashing living room with a green area rug

A splendid living room interior design thanks to the green SNAKE RUG. a beautiful piece that brings charm and elegance to this mid-century living room. The close details of the rug’s design are very eye-catching, turning this rug the center of attention.



carpet ideas: Neutral living room with our Heron rug inspired by the elegance and grace of this beautiful species with the same name that helps us explore deeply the spiritually in our life.

This is a great living room with the HERON RUG in its neutral version. This rug, when combined with other soft pastel tones, makes the coziest reading nook imaginable. This is where you’ll want to read your favorite book. One of the best modern wool rugs for your flooring is this one.


The Best Tapestry



Carpet Ideas: Rugs You Can’t Miss!


carpet ideas: large living room area with neutral rug and sofa

This version of the EYE RUG creates a comfortable living space with neutral tones that radiates luxury and prestige. The center tables and suspension lights are the perfect finishing touches!



carpet ideas: A neutral color palette is perfect to create a glamorous and elegant ambiance to relax, just like this one!




A neutral color palette is perfect to create a glamorous and elegant ambiance to relax, just like this one! The KOI 2 has a dashing pattern that resembles the scales of a fish and brings some originality to this interior.

carpet ideas: neutral round rug with a scaled pattern inspired by the scales of a fish



carpet ideas: A classic living area with golden details and a green sofa

A classic living area with beautiful golden details and a green sofa that complements this decor perfectly. The WHITE GARDEN is used to decorate the flooring in this beige neutral color scheme. A simple yet elegant design that emphasizes functionality while being beautiful.

carpet ideas: A modern living room with a gray area rug

A minimalistic area rug that has a soft texture to keep your feet warm and cozy as you sit on the couch reading a book or watching TV. Modern gray carpet ideas are perfect to build a simple yet elegant interior design.

carpet ideas: modern contemporary decor with a blue and purple rug

Don’t be afraid to use bold and vibrant colors in your home interior. Colorful carpet ideas are a great way to help bring some personality to a room and create a more welcoming space.

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