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Top 5 amazing outdoor art instalations

While art viewed inside the confines of a museum’s walls will always have its place, public outdoor art installations are truly inspiring, giving viewers a broader sensory experience. These three-dimensional works are often site-specific, meaning they were created for that particular place. Today at design musem blog, we’ve rounded up five creative art outdoor instalations that were each made with the viewer in mind. While some of them were intentionally created for public interaction, others are just meant to be enjoyed from a more distant view. 5 The dramatic door installation by Shaun George at North Grand Pre in Nova Scotia. 1 As part of an art festival called Agitagueda, this past July, a beautiful installation of colorful umbrellas lined two streets in Portugal. Not only did they provide shade to those underneath, the umbrellas seemed magical as they hung in mid-air, suspended by wires. 2
Brazilian shoe manufacturer Melissa, from galeria melissa SP, created an outdoor gallery made up of 3.5 million Post-Its to create, along with 25 animators, a huge stop-motion film. 4 Artist Arne Quinze created this concrete and wood installation for the Flemish Parliament in 2008. The idea of creating a more graphic and architectural version of something natural is awesome! 6 Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen uses books and other paper goods to make dramatic installations set in between rocks and trees.

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