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Paul Smith Exhibition at London’s Design Museum

Remember our November guide ? We suggest you the celebration of the four decades at the London Design Museum from one of the Britain’s best fashion talent. Guess who we are talking about? The amazing Sir Paul Smith.


And, what do you know about him ?  Oh, that’s a different story, and we will tell you  in the next article! Because today, it’s just about his exhibition.
This exhibition named “Hello, My name is Paul Smith” is a replica of his Convent Garden Office.


He says : It’s absolutely not a retrospective,’ he insists, heading a tour around the exhibit, his renowned wit and curiosity leading the way, and adding with a smile ‘the show comes from the heart, not from the wallet’.


The purpose of this exhibition, he said, was simples. He wants to show that you can begin small but can progress well. And to prove that point he makes a recreation of this first Nottingham England store – a 3x3m box. Another point about this celebration is the concept of balance. In another words he says “It is important to have a dream, but also be able to support that dream”, this because at the begin, his first store just open Friday and Saturday, while he worked freelancer the rest of the week.


One more fact, is he immortalized the Paris Hotel Rooms, the place he sold the first collection, and admit the influence of his success is in his wife – who studied at the London Royal College of Art. Pretty sweet don’t you think ?


And we have great news, the exhibitions just start two days ago !! And if you are visiting London, you will have until March 9, to visit this amazing fashion tour. Nobody want to miss. Look at the tickets here.

Tell us what you think about the exhibition, we are hopeful you like our suggestion.

One more suggestion ? The book “Hello my name is Paul Smith” written by Paul Smith, Donna Loveday and Deyan Sudjic, published in association with the Design Museum and is available to buy online here.




source – Wallpaper & Dezzen

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