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Best exhibitors at Order of St. John, CDW

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As you might know, the Clerkenwell Design Week is happening in London on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of May. This event transforms the hole Clerkenwell in a cultural neighborhood full of design events and showrooms.

The event will happen in four different places: House of Detention, Order of St. John, St. John’s Gate and Farmiloe Building.

Today we give a selection of brands that we think are the best exhibiting in the Order of St. John.

Virginia White


Virginia commissioned A T Cronin as her furniture makers, based on their reputation for attention to detail and quality in traditional methods of upholstery, having worked for many of the most important houses in England. Virginia has worked with A T Cronin for many years now and it was only natural that they would collaborate on this furniture collection.



london-design-agenda-cdw-4 A very recent brand that inspire in the forces of nature. Designed by Sara and Rita, BRABBU is the modern nature itself. They have been showcasing in many tradeshows this year and you can see how people are loving this brand really fast.

Sharon Marston


Working to an architectural scale Sharon Marston specialises in the design and creation of bespoke sculptural light installations for interiors. The studio has won international acclaim for its range of breathtaking chandeliers, vibrant backdrops and luxurious room dividers and has pioneered the use of fibre optic technology in bespoke lighting. Each design introduces the light source through the specialised use of fibre optic filaments, which, combined with colour and form, give the work its signature ethereality.



Delightfull‘s world is ambiance, history, a moment that stays forever through fresh classics created with wisdom and passion, derived by our designers’ creativity process. It’s a know-how culture combining a past Heritage of 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and a contemporary design touch.



Larbeck is a new studio collaboration between the two furniture makers, Rafe Mullarkey and Laszlo Beckett. Their central London workshop focuses on the strength and purpose of cabinet making techniques, whilst embracing contemporary technologies.

Boca do Lobo


Boca do Lobo‘s furniture is an exclusive emotional experience, a sense of belonging and a state of mind. We strive to encourage sensational experiences by creating beautiful and enticing pieces, which are passionately inspired, crafted, and delivered by a staff that loves what they do.

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