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The 10 best and most affordable places to buy original art!

The traditional art world may have spent centuries trying to convince us there’s a direct correlation between price and taste, but the web is here to ruffle some feathers and liberalize art ownership. So,design museum blog presents you the 10 most amazing places that offer affordable art from up-and-coming talent, plus some social good along the way…

Leif Store
1 Based out of Brooklyn, the Leif Store sells curated home goods, jewelry, and lots of affordable original art, like the watercolor above, starting at $24.

Tappan Collective
2 Tappan Collective is an online platform connecting emerging artists with emerging collectors. Limited edition and exclusive prints are available starting at $20.

J Hill Design
3 J Hill Design has city, state and landmark prints of their own colorful designs. With 8-by-10s starting at $12, the paintings can even be personalized with neighborhoods, names, or text.

Little Paper
4 Little Paper Planes is a community of artists curators and collectors that sells and promotes new artists. It sells paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptural pieces starting at $15.

5 Minted sells limited edition prints on archival paper from dozens of independent artists. Prints start at $20, and can also be ordered with frames and mattes.

Sebastian Foster
6 Sebastian Foster is a contemporary art gallery and print studio located in Austin, Texas. Its website sells limited edition prints from various artists starting as low as $25.

Michelle Armas
7 Michelle Armas is a painter based out of Atlanta. She sells prints and original oil paintings on her website, starting at $35.

Ideal Bookshelf
8 Started in 2007, Jane Mount’s Ideal Bookshelf Project shows hand-painted spines of people’s favorite books. You can buy prints of existing collections starting at $34, or get your own books hand painted starting at $135.

Rifle Paper Co.
9 In addition to wallpaper, calendars, and temporary tats, Rifle Paper Co. also has wall prints of its beautiful designs, starting at $24.

Thumbtack Press
10 Thumbtack Press is one of the oldest print sites on the internet, selling digital prints of illustrations, comics, and photography from top artists starting at $19.99.

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9 years ago

The Birch of the Shadow

I believe there might be considered a several duplicates, but an exceedingly helpful list! I have tweeted this. Numerous thanks for sharing!

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