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Rodrigo Bueno cultivates botanical life within nature-filled furniture

The quotidian objects come alive with new purpose, with bark, branches and leaves meeting the found furniture mixed with contemporary art. Rodrigo_Bueno_cultivates_botanical_life_within_nature-filled_furniture_2 Rodrigo_Bueno_cultivates_botanical_life_within_nature-filled_furniture_3 Design museum blog presents to you Rodrigo Bueno furniture art.
This Sao paulo contemporary artist lives and works in what he calls the ‘jungle inside’, a living laboratory where nature and time meet. his studio is filled with reclaimed materials — mostly wood and plants collected from urban waste — which he transforms into installations, sculptures, paintings and objects. Through the reuse of organic mediums, bueno seeks to draw attention to the inherent beauty of the natural world, and allows space for a variety of senses, from touch to vision to sound. Rodrigo_Bueno_cultivates_botanical_life_within_nature-filled_furniture_4 rodrigo-bueno-blossom-found-furniture-designboom-07 Rodrigo_Bueno_cultivates_botanical_life_within_nature-filled_furniture_6 One of his recent creative endeavors has seen him untie colorful botanical life with furniture, intertwining bark, branches and leaves into fabric cushions and chair legs. Rodrigo_Bueno_cultivates_botanical_life_within_nature-filled_furniture_12 Rodrigo_Bueno_cultivates_botanical_life_within_nature-filled_furniture_11
Rodrigo_Bueno_cultivates_botanical_life_within_nature-filled_furniture_10 Rodrigo_Bueno_cultivates_botanical_life_within_nature-filled_furniture_8 The quotidian objects come alive with new purpose, ever-changing in shape, size and color. the project description quotes agnaldo farias, ‘there is no death, but continuous transformation of states and chaining transmutations’.

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