Melting Sculptures by Bonsoir Paris – Design Museum
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Melting Sculptures by Bonsoir Paris

Bonsoir Paris is a creative French studio founded on a common taste for nonstandard conceptual projects. tumblr_mz9zittQxk1qczwklo4_500 The studio pretends to shake usual borders, balancing between logic and absurdity, cotemporary art and design. They like to play with gravity and bring together materials that don’t usually belong. Bonsoir Paris seeks to fade its disciplinary practices in order to challenge its creative limits.

Melting-Sculptures-by-Bonsoir-Paris-artists-DesignMuseumBlog7 Melting-Sculptures-by-Bonsoir-Paris-artists-DesignMuseumBlog sous-titre-legende3_0
Melting-Sculptures-by-Bonsoir-Paris-artists-DesignMuseumBlog8 Melting-Sculptures-by-Bonsoir-Paris-artists-DesignMuseumBlog3 This project called Duramen is a series of handmade wooden sculptures. Born of a simple impulse, the one to break with conventional ways of exhibiting, the designers and their team have imagined a series of frames so strongly mistreated that they have become unrecognizable.

Melting-Sculptures-by-Bonsoir-Paris-artists-DesignMuseumBlog2 Melting-Sculptures-by-Bonsoir-Paris-artists-DesignMuseumBlog6 Melting-Sculptures-by-Bonsoir-Paris-artists-DesignMuseumBlog5 Their wish is to break the properties of the compound, a form of compromise as minimal and it is efficient. They found a subtle twist while remaining faithful to a primitive form of revolt, without getting lost in vain styles effects.

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