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Home’Society Design Talks – Exclusive Interview with Gerhard Landau

Gerhard Landau is one of the founders of Landau+Kindelbacher which is a company founded in 1994. It was co-founded with Ludwig Kindelbacher and has more than 60 employees. This company has become a private limited company in 2009 and has managed to complete over 969 projects since its creation. The company prides itself on thinking out of the box and creating amazing architecture and interior designs. Landau+Kindelbacher uses art, culture, and even lifestyles to inspire their work.



GERHARD LANDAU Is The Guest Of This Design Talks Edition


Home’Society Design Talks – Exclusive Interview with GERHARD LANDAU


In this 11th edition of design Talks, we have had the great opportunity of interviewing Gerhard Landau from the Landau+Kindelbacher, an incredible firm that has been around for over two decades now. The architect, Gerhard Landau shares with us that he had learned very early in his life that architecture was going to be his career path but it was only once he came to London that he decided to build his own company.




Gerhard Landau shared with us about the firm’s philosophy which is interior design being an overall experience, with the goal of giving clients a reflection of their own personality. He claims that quality is one of their distinctive styles. Knowing well their own client enables them to create tailor-made concepts and projects. This company has done so with many clients all over Europe.


Projects made by Landau+Kindelbacher


Home’Society Design Talks – Exclusive Interview with GERHARD LANDAU


BID rooms inspiration


His aim was to gather associates and partners to create a stunning ambiance and interiors. Over the years Landau+Kindelbacher has been nominated and awarded several times for their amazing projects. These types of awards serve as a source of motivation and inspiration according to Gerhard Landau.


Home’Society Design Talks – Exclusive Interview with GERHARD LANDAU

During the interview, Landau discussed with us the company’s newest projects and factors. He highlighted how important the weather is in interior design.

When you are building a project you want it to be resistant and cozy and this can only be attained when you study the context of the scene.





He also mentioned and praised Christine Sail Meyer for her incredible competency in design. He agrees with her over the fact that lighting is indeed very important when doing a project. The lights will shape the way of reading the structure of the materials. Lights are a fantastic way to give a room some personality and to enable us to perceive every little detail that is present in the room.

“it is so important to use the right light systems to highlight our ideas of the interior design.”


Home’Society Design Talks – Exclusive Interview with GERHARD LANDAU


Home’Society Design Talks – Exclusive Interview with GERHARD LANDAU


house of boca do lobo hong kong


Gerhard Landau mentions that nowadays it is very popular for office designs to have sustainability in mind. This is an important concern for companies and there has been an increase in requests for such designs with this idea in mind.


Home’Society Design Talks – Exclusive Interview with GERHARD LANDAU


In housing projects, it’s a mix between luxury and sustainability. The architects believe that a balance must be reached and that more and more this concept of sustainability will have an impact on the industry because of the younger generation and their admiration for anything green. And this, by his experience, tends to be much more active in a European context.


Casa Paris


We ended our interview with Landau giving advice to young and inspiring designers and architects by saying that they need to assert their passion as soon as they start their internship. He finishes off by saying to always be loyal to your clients and be extremely enamored by your work.




Home’Society believes that talking, discussing, and exploring ideas together is essential to the design process. The goal is to create a platform with a new vision of macro and micro trends within the industry, generating added value for the design lover community. These design talks include interviews with interior designers, architects, and showrooms to discover and discuss trending and the creative process.


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