The Latest Designs By Jeff Zimmerman Are In New York!

The Latest Designs By Jeff Zimmerman Are In New York! – The iconic glass artist most is presenting his latest masterpieces which is the most comprehensive exhibition until today with the R& Company gallery!

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Jeff Zimmerman is one of the leading international glass artists in the world, recognized for his ability to push the boundaries of the material with innovative and technical approaches, resulting in one of a kind designs.

The expansive career of this master artisan spans over two decades and ranges from intricate unique works to large-scale custom commissions. His latest creations make part of a collection build upon his versatility, his concepts, and aesthetics that have been developed to an elevated level, for the past few years.

The glass artisan was able to transform the entire R&Company gallery into a  mesmerizing environment full of unique glass works. All of the new series of functional pieces (that vary in technique, texture, color, scale, and form) are spread across the upper floor of the art gallery and cascading down through the 40-foot atrium space of this immersive installation.

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The unique selection features unique customizable illuminated sculptures, wall pieces, glass vessels and crystal sconces presented alongside a series of abstract photographs, taken by Doug Piburn, that was able to document exquisite details of the exquisite glass designs.

The inspiration for Zimmerman craft comes from the beauty of the natural world.  “To make the invisible visible, from the minute to the infinite, to illustrate the possibilities of what we are surrounded by what we are made of and where we come from. We are all made of stars” (Zimmerman).

The new exhibition, according to the artist is a demonstration of poetic glass expressions that capture the mystical and singular beauty of the outside world.



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Source: R & Company Exhibitions

Image and Video credit: R & Company Exhibitions