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Bauhaus Celebrates 100 years of Art, Design and Innovation

Bauhaus will be internationally hosting a series of exhibits for its 100-Year anniversary celebration. The centenary of the iconic school of design and architecture will be featuring works from Brazil, Russia, Japan and China from March 2018 until 2019’s Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt:

Bauhaus Imaginista will be the name of the series of presentations to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of this iconic design landmark, which aims to explore Bauhaus‘s interactions with non-European modernist design movements. With Marion von Osten and Grant Watson as its curators and art directors, the program will progressively take place in different design venues all over the world and include an extra set of satellite events such as panels and workshops featuring international design experts.

Bauhaus Celebrates 100 years of Art, Design and Innovation

Bauhaus’s work is very vocal about its 1919 post/mid-war upbringing in Germany. This period, charged heavily with trauma, confusion and poverty for the country, was pinned by artists as a point of no return in the world of german design and aesthetics. Bauhaus’s purpose from the very start was to motivate this complete alteration of german art and design standards, starting to put art excellence and crafting experience together to create what the Germans call Gesamtkunstwerk – the total work of art.

The now hundred-year-old project’s global contribution has become absolutely vital to the world of modern art, design and architecture.

Even new educational initiatives inspired by Bauhaus have started to appear, as mentioned by Watson, when Renshichiro Kawakita, a Japanese architect, started a similar design school by the name Seikatsu Kosei Kenkyusho – or Collective for Everyday Life Design – in 1931.

Von Osten also commented on Bauhaus’s major outreach where apparently, artists from postcolonial locations related and looked to the Bauhaus model, after achieving independence, so as to draw inspirations to develop a line of aesthetics that they could call their own.

Artists presenting works at Bauhaus Imaginista will include Kader Attia, Luca Frei, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, the Otolith Group, and the architect Zvi Efrat. Currently they are collaborating with the curators on each exhibition in order to, as Watson explained, “bring historical research closer to the contemporary questions that these artists address in their work”.

DesignMuseum is looking forward to find out what Bauhaus Imaginista has in store for us so we can share it with you first-hand! Stay tuned for our updates.


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