Why You Should Visit Gallery All

Why You Should Visit Gallery ALL

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Why You Should Visit Gallery ALLGallery ALL is well-known for dedicating its time to exhibit artists that create limited-edition furniture and design objects and is also committed to introducing to the public and collectors to the most experimental yet unique collections.


This gallery was one of the first design galleries that opened in China and was founded in 2013 by Yu Wang and Xiao Lu. At this moment, it has a space in Beijing and another one in downtown Los Angeles, both combining 7,700 square-feet space. ALL wants to have a rotating program of large-scale exhibitions, events, and presentations from an international cadre of designers, artists, and architects.  Why You Should Visit Gallery All Camouflage Screen by Aranda Lasch (made with mirror finished stainless steel)


With the help of Michael Vince Snyder, their managing partner, the gallery loves to show exploration of materials and multidisciplinary work and can provide that thanks to its production facilities in Beijing and Tucson that provide it with unbeatable research possibilities. Synthesis Monolith Coffee Table | Synthesis Monolith by Hongjie Yang, 2017 (made with aluminum)


Eclipse Moon by Studio HVN, 2017 (made with Nepal Highland wool and cotton)


Gallery ALL presents 2-3 exhibitions per location each year that feature contemporary designs from a global cadre of emerging and established artists. It also pays special attention to designs that challenge the limit of structure and materials and intersects the disciplines of technology, art, and design. Why You Should Visit Gallery All Colosseum Coffee Table by Po Shun Leong, 2017 (a unique piece made with a mix of wood)



Mesh Object #MS-C03 | Mashing Mesh Series by Zhoujie Zhang, 2017 (made with stainless steel)



This gallery is well-known as well for its presence in art fairs all around the world. Between December 5 and December 9, 2018, they will be at Design Miami/, so you should check them out if you’re going to the event!


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