Philipe Starck is In Lisbon to Partner With the Museum of Ancient Art – Design Museum
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Philipe Starck is In Lisbon to Partner With the Museum of Ancient Art

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Due to his passion for an art form and his different way of looking at works of art, Philipe Starck was invited by the National  Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon, Portugal, to be a part of a Celebration of Art!



This Museum promoted an Initiative where 12 personalities choose, with complete freedom, 12 pieces from the MNAA collections, defining a “script” of subjective affinities. Over 12 months, the suggested routes will be offered to Museum visitors in a free brochure, which includes a short text by the author explaining the reasons for their choices. The 12 pieces will be identified with their own signage.


Philipe Starck is In Lisbon to Partner With the Museum of Ancient Art


Starck was amongst those 12 Personalities, and you have to visit the Museum in Portugal to find out what he chose, but we are guessing you won’t regret it.  All we know is that Starck created a personal journey through the collection of works of art from Lisbon. A deconstruction, a kind of treasure hunt looking for details and we are sure it’s glorious!


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“You go to the museum, you look at paintings, you either find them beautiful
or not so beautiful and then it’s over, you go home and all is forgotten.
I would like to ask you to search for 40 different fragments of paintings.
If you manage to find them, it’s because you have really looked, scrutinized,
understood the shadow and the light, transcended matter and opened the
door to the mysteries of the imagination. To see is to understand.” –  Philipe Starck



About Philippe Starck – Internationally acclaimed French creator, designer and architect, Philippe Starck is an untiring and rebellious citizen of the world, who considers it his duty to share his ethical and subversive vision of a fairer planet, creates unconventional places and objects whose purpose is to be “good” before being beautiful. Most of his designs have become cult objects, and his hotels are timeless icons that have added a new dimension to the global cityscape. An enthusiastic advocate of sustainability, this visionary recently developed the revolutionary concept of “democratic ecology” by creating affordable wind turbines for the home, soon to be followed by innovative wooden prefabricated ecological houses and solar boats. He himself lives, with his wife Jasmine, mostly on an aeroplane, and in Paris, Burano, and on his oyster farm in the southwest of France.

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