Top 10 Contemporary Artists of 2014 by Artist Become

Artist Become releases its Top 10 Contemporary Artist List to showcase which artists and their respective styles were the hippest and most desirable on the Market in 2014.

The online art gallery, Artist Become, has just released it’s Top 10 Contemporary Artists List for 2014. Leading the pack for the second year straight is Polish artist, Justyna Kopania with Belgium artist Pol Ledent holding second place two years in a row as well. Artist Become is an online artist community that showcases original contemporary art of both established and emerging artists around the world.
Helena Wierzbicki, Adrian Borda, Jeffrey Pierson and Mark Bennett have all held a spot in the Top 10 two years in a row. The four new artists that made the list are Lisa Carney, Susan Fischer, Celito Medeiros and Alex Bertaina. The Top 10 contemporary artists hail from Poland, Belgium, Canada, Romania, Argentina, France, Brazil, The United States, The Ukraine and Italy. The pieces are chosen based on sales, feedback from art lovers and decorators that use artist become.

1.Justyna Kopania, Poland

2.Pol Ledent, Belgium

3.Lisa Carney, Canada

4.Helena Wierzbicki, Argentina

5.Adrian Borda, Romania

6.Susan Fischer, Germany

7.Celito Medeiros, Brazil

8.Jeffery F. Pierson, United States

9.Mark Bennett, Britain

10.Alex Bertaina, Italy