Reinterpretation of Banksy works in LEGO for bricksy series by Jeff Friesen

Photographer jeff friesen, creator of the brick fantastic series, has completed a new collection of LEGO dioramas. Bricksy recreates the popular urban works of street artist Banksy out of the colored blocks, piecing together the hand-crafted scenes with tiny interconnecting parts.

Bouquet Thrower – Strong-arm Flower Delivery specializes in tragically forbidden love.

To many iconic images can be seen, from the familiar image of the girl with the heart balloon to the maid lifting up a piece of the wall, each public work is rendered in LEGO, reinterpreting the public artworks on a small scale and with a nostalgic twist. introduced into each small site are friesen’s own extensions of the set, imagining what else might be taking place.
For example, the street artist’s iconic bouquet thrower secretly throws the flowers to his girlfriend, a police officer symbolizing the forbidden love – image above.
Take a look below for some of the images in the series.

Just Following Orders – The Queen’s super secret Royal Stencil Regiment at work. Their ritual “nicking of the spray paint” is a rarely photographed ceremony in London hardware shops.
Banana Pulp – Never bring a gun to a fruit fight.
The Mother of Anarchy – Raising a well-presented anarchist has never been easier in these tumultuous times.
Force 5 Fridge – Surreal storm approaching.
Balloon Girl – There is always hope. Especially if you tie it to your wrist.
Paleo Diet – Follow your instincts: devour sugar, carbs, and mystery meat whenever you come across them.
Kissing Coppers – Police stop-and-frisk policies are widely misunderstood. It’s mostly about relationships.
Like a Rat on a Wire – Experts say that in London you are never less than 12 meters away from a tightrope-walking rat.