Animal beards by Y&R New Zealand – Design Museum
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Animal beards by Y&R New Zealand

We all know that 2014 is officially the year of the beard, but these men have taken it to the next level – by having animals sculpted into their facial hair.
2 The beard trend has quickly become an international craze and grooming brands, but don’t worry, this isn’t a quirky new trend, the photos are the work of Y&R New Zealand – based brand Schick who are encouraging men to ditch some of their excessive facial hair.
3 Schick have launched a competition asking men to send in snaps of their mates with ‘feral’ beards and the hashtag #FreeYourSkin in order to WIN grooming tools or a cash prize.
1 Head to their Facebook page for more info, or make us really happy by shaving an animal into your facial hair.

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